Thursday, July 16, 2015

Little Skein Cuteness Overload!

I think most knitters at some point see a yarn that they just MUST have! It's either the feel or the color that turns us into Gollum saying MY PRETTY and needing it before they're even positive about what they are going to use it for. Fortunately when I saw this yarn dyed by Gynx I knew immediately what I wanted to make with it. Though it was designed to knit up a striped bunny, the colors spoke to me like the colors of the Caribbean.  The blue and the sandy colors spoke to me...and I saw the yardage would be just enough to make a little pair of slipper socks, which I just love!

Now, the yarn is dyed for the kit, and I love the pattern and the extras that came with I ordered the kit from Little Skein in the Big Wool with the intention to use other yarn I have for the bunny (I would prefer a solid color bunny) and almost jumped up and down when my little package of cute perfection arrived on my doorstep.

The packaging is always perfect from Little Skein, from before you even open the box!

And then inside was the yarn, pattern, stitch markers in a cute tin, and embroidery floss on a wooden floss holder.

Be warned...if you knit and you love cute you may want ALL THE THINGS if you head to Little Skein's site...right now she has Secret Garden theme kits...including a yarn bowl with a garden painted on the inside....SO BEAUTIFUL!!!

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Shark Week 2015

Ugh, Shark Week was early this year and though I tried to finally finish my Shark Week socks I ran into a snag and didn't quite make it, though I was able to get really close before the week ended.

Little Man has really gotten into watching the specials with me the last 2 years, and it's fun to not watch by myself.  He really loved cozying up to the shark I found at IKEA that I HAD to have!

I realized 2 weeks before Shark Week, while I was making amazing progress...that I DID NOT HAVE ENOUGH YARN!!!!! ARGH! The yarn was custom-dyed for the kits, the designer (and keeper of the kits) had just tragically passed away, and there was no solution in sight.  Until I went onto Ravelry and posted a pitiful call for help. A beautiful knitting soul said she had also ran out of yarn previously and had contacted the designer and was sent a whole she would have yarn to send but wasn't finished yet to send it. A week later I received a sizable amount of yarn and was off again. I had put the socks down for months because of being frustrated, but now, with a deadline in sight I pushed forward.  I learned how to do a provisional cast-on, and knit-on!

I even dared to break them out during a knitting get-together!

Stay tuned to see if they turned out the way they were supposed to!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Harry Potter Night!

Little Man finished another Harry Potter book, so we had another Harry Potter night! He finished book #5...Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. For our meal I turned again to the Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook. We had a traditional dinner of Roast Beef with Yorkshire Pudding (which is actually breadlike and bakes in the juices from the roast so you get a great flavor). We also had PHENOMENAL roasted potatoes (also made with drippings from the roast and are scored to get super crispy on the outside while keeping a soft inside) and brussel sprouts with a bechamel sauce.  And, we had to have the butterbeer...that's now a requirement...Little Man loves it so! If you'd like to try to make it yourself, you can find the recipe we use for it here, we use the simple recipe. Oh, and I found this video from Martha Stewart that was so helpful in making the's where I got the recipe for the potatoes from too, so delicious!

And, after finishing such a big book, Little Man's treat was a golden snitch pocket watch.

Did I mention how much Hubby and I look forward to him finishing a book so we can watch the movie and eat yummy food?

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Father's Day 2015!

Father's Day 2015 started with breakfast made for Hubby, and then some presents and cards.  Later we went to the aquarium (Hubby and I with our one-time visit passes and Little Man with his annual pass that we all received for the lake clean-up).

After the aquarium we actually split-up. We all went to the movies, but while Hubby and Little Man went to see Inside Out, I went to see a special showing of JAWS for its 40th anniversary. I'd never seen it in a movie theater (thought I've watched it A LOT), and sitting in a theater with every seat filled with a JAWS fan was awesome. They asked trivia questions before the movie, and it was great to hear all the people shouting out the answers.


Thursday, June 18, 2015

Guest Star: My Nephew!

I know I've posted before about how I see crafts in so many places...not just knitting, etc.  And one example of crafting, to me, is my nephew's presentation board.  Coloring, gluing, and putting together a nice looking board is being crafty!  My family and I were happy we were able to make a quick trip home to see my mom, brother, and nephews...and that we made it just in time to see my nephew's presentation at school!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Volunteering at the Lake

Little Man entered a contest to be a youth ambassador for a local aquarium....and his entry was chosen to represent the aquarium at a lake clean-up!

When we got to the lake we all got our volunteer t-shirts, and Hubby and I both received passes to the aquarium.  We spent a couple of hours hiking the trails around the lake and cleaning up trash we found.  It was a great family outing.

Little Man felt proud to be part of the event.

We filled a bucket with trash.

In addition to winning an annual pass to the aquarium, he also received the goodie bag above. It was a great experience for him...he wrote his winning statement himself and saw how volunteering helped.  

Thursday, June 4, 2015

End of The Year Field Trip

One June 4th Little Man had a field trip to Raleigh that I was able to volunteer as a chaperone for! We got up early to meet the buses...then had a few hours of driving to get there.

I had Little Man and two of his classmates.  First we went to the Capitol building...

...we enjoyed seeing the Rotunda...

...and the Governor's office!

After that we saw the Governor's mansion.

And we checked out 2 museums then saw where Congress meets. It was a whirlwind day of chasing after kids and rushing from one place to the next. So happy I was able to do it!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Julie and Julia Theme Cooking Class

By now you know I love a theme...and since I also enjoy cooking, and the movie Julie and Julia, I couldn't resist a Julie and Julia-themed cooking class at Whole Foods!

The class size was very small with only 12 students and 2 instructors.  There were also 4 volunteers who did all the clean-up and poured wine for us throughout the class.

By far the trickiest item we made were the artichokes with hollandaise sauce.  Preparing the artichokes was very labor intensive. First they were cut, peeled, the core was dug out so all the sharp fibers were removed, then they were boiled and then thrown on the grill.  To me, the bruschetta with a super fresh tomato topping was such a quicker, more enjoyable prep time...and I would have eaten more of it if more courses weren't to follow!

All the students were able to take turns with the prep tasks.

I loved the Le Creuset kitchenware...the blue especially! And I loved the "salt pig" to keep salt for cooking close at hand.

We made the chocolate cream pie first so it would have enough time to set...then we placed the lyonnaise potatoes in the oven and followed that with making the appetizers.  Then, after the appetizers we made the sole meuniere and ate that with the potatoes.

And we ended the class with the SO delicious chocolate cream pie.  We left with full stomachs, more kitchen knowledge, and recipes for everything we made...what a great evening of learning!

Monday, May 18, 2015

Very Special Art Exhibit

 Little Man had art chosen that he created during the school year for a special exhibit at a local hotel. Then, the students were given special invitations to attend the opening of the exhibit and have refreshments.

I also saw other exhibits that I thought were great.  One of them  had puppet scarecrows integrated into the cute!

There was also artwork a class made after learning about Romare Bearden, a local artist. The kids learned about the artist's style and then made artwork reminiscent of that artwork.

Little Man was so proud to be showcased in such a beautiful hotel, and we enjoyed an evening of art!

Saturday, May 16, 2015


How to get in some knitting time on a beautiful Saturday morning? Bring it with you and knit away while you watch your favorite little person work on their swim stroke technique!